The journey to better health starts with knowing ourselves.

Your body talks

From your aches and pains, to your bursts of energy and desire, your body is hard at work, and constantly communicating. Supporting our bodies on this journey can be challenging when we are trying to decipher what all the noises are and what they all mean. I am here to listen to you, to provide you with compassionate care and education. Together we will work towards your goals and advocate for your wellbeing, with tailored personalized care plans and a holistic approach. 

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Supporting your journey

Your journey is unique

At the intersection of my personal and professional journey has been a deep desire to learn and heal. It is my desire to create a space for all the parts of you to be seen, understood and listened to. It's not about achieving "perfect" health but supporting your body and mind's natural ability to find peace and balance. I hope to draw from my various skills, to best support your journey inwards and onwards. 

my journey