Hello, Bonjour

 I’m Murielle!

I vividly remember being a child and watching back to back episodes of “a baby story”, I was fascinated by the pregnancy and labour stories, of how despite the same intended outcome, it was such a unique and life altering experience for each individual involved. How a cluster of cells could become such a complex human being. I had my mind set on becoming a baby doctor!

My last year of high school I had the opportunity to attend a workshop for aspiring med school students, I had my sights set on it, until later that day, when I snuck on the nursery floor. I just had to see the babies! When I walked into the room there were a few newborns and one woman in the room. I asked her if she stayed with the babies all day, she said she did, I asked her if the doctor was around frequently, she mentioned he did rounds, and would come by occasionally to check on them but she was the one who provided the care around the clock. I asked her what she did. She said she was a nurse. And I thought "I want to be her! I want to be the person that’s always there".

I became a registered nurse and worked in public health for most of my career, providing counselling and education across the lifespan.

Following an infant mental health training, my interests for the babies was sparked again but now with a new lens. Understanding adverse childhood events and the impact of childhood trauma across the lifespan and generations became a new passion of mine. I wanted to learn more about the interplay between physical, mental and spiritual health.

I was learning and discovering it as much for myself in my personal life as in my professional life and I craved for the kind of services that could start putting all the pieces together. I learned about holistic care.

I pursued studies as a holistic reproductive practitioner, studying reiki, reflexology and doula support. I thought if people had the tools and supports to heal, not only their own trauma but intergenerational trauma, where would that leave them and the generations to come.

Along the way I found yoga, and after completing my yoga teacher training and diving into it’s somatic and therapeutic effects, I truly understood for myself that healing was an ongoing experience that encompassed many components all at once.

Taking the leap into independent practice was a big one but somehow I was always drawn to this work: supporting, advocating, empowering, educating and healing, connecting the pieces together to understand the whole.

Education & Training

I am Registered Nurse with over 5yrs of experience. I've worked in long term care, as a bedside nurse in hospital, community mental health and in public health. 

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing 
  • Certified 200 HR Yoga Teacher 
  • Certified 25 HR Yin Yoga 
  • Certificate of Completion and Supervision- Birth and Reproductive Trauma 
  • Certificate of Completion-Birth Story-Infant Mental Health Training 
  • Holistic Reproductive Practitioner (Reiki, Reflexology, Doula) Training 
  • Certificate of Completion-Grandma's Hands Pregnancy & Postpartum Herbs and Nutrition in the Southern Tradition
  • Trauma Informed Care Course 


Ongoing recertifications: 

  • Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers 
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support 
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • International Trauma Life support 


Previous volunteer experience: 

  • Family Support Volunteer with Roger Neilson House (Pediatric Palliative Care) 

My mission and goal

I hope to address the gaps in healthcare by empowering people to understand their bodies and build a healthy relationship to self and others. It is my mission to advocate for people's wellbeing and right to heal and be well.

I want to support you in pulling the pieces of your health story together, through education, advocacy, counselling and treatments that take into account all of you. Your experiences are valid and they speak through you. Healing is an invitation to connect to ourselves more deeply. It’s an opportunity for the parts of ourselves that need attention to communicate and be seen. It’s a journey that we take, but don’t need to do, alone. I want to listen, pay close attention and support you to reach your better.